Windsor Business Community                                                                                         Saturday 24 Mar 2018 09:44

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Look forward to it. One of my two top favourite events :)

About Windsor business community

Windsor business community was launched on 11th August 2009 by Sue Rae, Manager of ha ha bar & grill, Windsor, and Sharon Tomkins, Managing Director of Kiereen design.

We understood that time outside of the office is precious and we wanted to create an event that was beneficial to attendees, but also one that people actually wanted to attend. So we scrapped the traditional networking rulebook and created an event that was informal with no name badges, no stand up presentations, no one minute speeches and no membership fees.

A lot of people said this would never work. We had eight people attend our launch event but just one year later we had over fifty businesses attend our first anniversary event. Four years on and our events are as popular as ever -
see what people say.

Hopefully the message is getting out there that there is a lot of business to be done in Windsor.